Our strategy 2019 - 2022

POWER AND POSSIBILITY: Unleashing the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has achieved a huge amount over the past decade, but we have no intention of stopping now. As economic inequality between men and women widens, the need for our work grows. The scale of this crisis means that our response must be bold and ambitious.

Our new strategy provides a framework for growth over the period 2019-22. This growth will be focused on three specific goals – impact, influence, and income – and will be underpinned by our vision and mission.


Our vision is a world where women and girls enjoy equal economic opportunities and are able to live up to their full potential, resulting in a brighter future for themselves, their families, and communities.


We empower women to start, grow and sustain successful businesses, increasing their agency and autonomy, reducing poverty and increasing inclusive economic growth.

What are our goals?

1. Impact: Empower 100,000 women and girls to increase their entrepreneurship potential and agency

We will support women and girls to build their capability (business, financial and leadership skills), access (to markets and finance), networks (business and support), confidence and self-belief. Recognising that we will work with women and girls in different regions experiencing differing levels of economic security, our interventions will be built from our approach and models of experience, but also carefully adapted to local needs and contexts.

2. Influence: Strengthen the ecosystem for women to start, sustain and grow enterprises

We will influence key stakeholders to create a more effective entrepreneurial ecosystem for women and girls – one in which they can start, sustain and grow successful enterprises on an equal footing with their male counterparts. We will achieve this by exposing barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and identifying transformative solutions to increase the opportunities for women to thrive.

3. Income and effectiveness: Build a strong, growing and sustainable organisation

We will invest in our financial sustainability, our people, our systems and processes, and governance. To deliver our mission and goals one and two it is essential that our growing organisation is sustained by strategic funding and partnerships. Our target operating model also needs to be fit for purpose to deliver our mission – this includes our organisational systems and processes, staff capacity and capabilities, culture and organisational systems, processes and people strategies.

What is new about the strategy?

Our new strategy builds on our learnings and expertise to introduce some new areas of work for the Foundation.

We will continue to empower women owners of micro, small and medium enterprises. Through a growing network of global and local partners, we will also expand our work with vulnerable women entrepreneurs facing poverty; and we will explore increasing the livelihood choices of young women by increasing their access to entrepreneurships, skills and opportunities.

During this period we will also increase our reach, bringing our approach to many more women and girls by developing and evolving our existing successful programmes into products or services which can be used by partners and or directly by women entrepreneurs.

We will also introduce new work to target the institutional barriers, both formal and informal, which limit women’s entrepreneurial potential. Through a strategic programme of research, advocacy and networks, we will break down barriers and open up opportunities, ultimately creating a stronger ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.