Our impact

Throughout 2016-17 we worked in collaboration with our partners across the world to support almost 2,000 women entrepreneurs to build financial independence and transform their lives.

We also called on policy makers and leaders to spur greater progress on women’s economic empowerment at a series of high-level events.

750 mentees

We welcomed 750 new mentees to our Mentoring Programme, in total supporting 2,900 mentees and mentors during the year.

695 women upskilled

695 women entrepreneurs gained vital new skills to boost their business capabilities and confidence.

89% ripple effect

89% of mentees committed to mentoring others. Women entrepreneurs reported mentoring 378 other women even before completing their one-year mentoring relationships.

39 influencing opportunities

We championed women’s economic empowerment through a range of advocacy and public engagement opportunities to the private sector, policy makers and thought leaders across the globe.

81% accessed new markets

We empowered over 81% of mentees to access new markets.

576 new jobs

The women entrepreneurs we worked with created 576 jobs in their communities.

Figures reflect 2017 annual report